Top 4 Critical Emotional Factors Affecting the Performance of a Trader

Traders need to be aware of their emotions because emotions create huge complexities. So, if they want to do well, they need to understand, there is no value of emotions in the market. Pro traders can easily deal with their emotions. They always use their logic to take the decision. They are enough responsible and take their decision by themselves. However, if you want to become successful, being a newbie, you should focus on developing yourself. So, do not waste your time. Take action against emotional problems.

To help you, in this article, we’ll discuss the four emotional issues which create problems for traders. We hope, it would be helpful for you.


Most of the time, traders feel fear to take the decision. As they are not properly prepared, so they face troubles. For this reason, they do not want to take any steps. But, they should focus on increasing their confidence level. If they can develop their confidence level, they may do better. However, to do this, they should take the proper preparation. They should read different types of articles and journals which discuss the topic related to trading. They also need to consult with the experts for getting the proper suggestion.

Always remember, trading is all about techniques. If you can ply the right technique, you may not face the worst scenarios. But, for this, you need to become sure about your technique. So, you should open a demo account. And, you need to check your technique here. However, if you see, the technique is working properly, you need to understand, and it will work in the real market. So, usually, you’ll get the confidence for trading. If necessary, you may also use the premium CFD demo account from Saxo and slowly develop your skills. But make sure you learn to control your fear at any cost.


Greed is one of the worst enemies of the traders. Because of this, sometimes, they take such an action which creates problems for them. They should try to reduce their greed. Due to this, they take a high risk and thus face big losses. They should follow their plan properly. Because, if they strictly follow their plan, they might get the better result. Pro traders do not always take the high risk. If they see, they may get more returns, they invest more money. But, newbies need to become sure about this. Because newbie can’t handle it. So, they need to gain more experience which will help them to become successful.


Some newbies do self-harm because of their depression. But, they should know, they’ll get the chance to make money. So, they just need to wait for the right time. But, many traders lose their confidence and can’t keep their patience. But, if they can increase their patience level, they will get the benefits. However, during the depression, they should take a long break. In this break time, they must try to spend some quality time which will refresh their mind. In the market, people will go through huge pressure. So, if they do not reduce the pressure, after some time, they can’t do their work properly.


Anger is mostly responsible for revenge trading. If the traders can’t control their anger, they may not do better. They should reduce their anger by taking the right action. If they can keep the discipline, they might deal with this issue. However, some traders face problems adapting to the situation. However, in the market, it’s tough to stay, if you’re not flexible enough. Flexibility will also aid to eliminate anger.

Now, you have already known about the four emotional factors. So, you need to take the action against these. If you can reduce these, you’ll experience a great journey. Otherwise, you might lose your money and might be forced to leave the market.